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Rzeszˇw-Jasionka Airport
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Rzeszˇw-Jasionka Airport Car Rental

Location Details
Address: Jasionka 942
  36-002 Jasionka PL +48-691600253
Location: Airport
GDS - Code: RZE
Opening Hours
Mo. - Tu.08:30 - 18:15
We. - Fr.10:30 - 18:15
 24 h return

Rzeszow Airport

The airport is situated in Jasionka, about 10 km from the center. In the vicinity of two roads run Rzeszow and Lublin (DK19) and Rzeszow-Radom (DK9). In the future, it is also adjacent to the A4 motorway and express road S19. Airport is on the road connecting the national road No. 9 (Rudna Small) and 19 (Krakow)

Between the city and the airport there is a shuttle bus MPK (line L) and MKS Rzeszow buses (line 224). The timetable is adjusted to flight schedule. The bus stop is directly outside the passenger terminal, and stop in the city center is located in the immediate vicinity of Rzeszow main railway station and bus station.

Jasionka is preferably located geographically (the largest in the country's volatile days) and terrain (flat approach and lack of natural barriers). At the same time it is the only civilian port in south-east. Rzeszow Airport has a longest airstrip in Poland what means that the biggest airplanes can land here!

Area of the airport takes more than 650 ha. Port has the latest, and also the second longest runway in Poland. It has a length of 3,200 meters and width of 45 m and the navigation apparatus lighting system (precision approach Category I - an ALPA-ATA, and a visual indicator PAPI glide path, and ILS precision approach system) allow for the adoption of suitably equipped aircraft in difficult conditions. The runway is connected to two ways of taxing parking plates with a total area of 21 000 m2.
Small passenger terminal is currently limited opportunities for the airport and today is full. Work on the new terminal started in September 2006. In the summer of 2007 was opened a temporary arrivals hall. The construction work of the new terminal was started in October 2010, ended in December 2011. Planned completion is April 2012 terminal.

Sixt location

Branch in Rzeszow was established in April 2011. It is the newest branch of Sixt Polska. Since then, we make every effort to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied. Sixt will soon move from a temporary building to the new terminal!

Sixt desk is located in a temporary arrivals hall which is a second building passengerswalk in after leaving the plane. Desk is located right on the right side.


Location Details

Opening Hours

Mo. - Tu.08:30 - 18:15
We. - Fr.10:30 - 18:15

Contacts / Lost & Found

SIXT # Rzeszˇw-Jasionka Airport RZE Jasionka 942 36-002 Jasionka 50.115515, 22.031509 +48-691600253

SIXT # Rzeszˇw-Jasionka Airport RZE

Jasionka 942
36-002 Jasionka
Phone +48-691600253

Location plan - how to find us

Your way to SIXT:

The SIXT branch is located in the main arrivals hall of the new terminal. You can find us on the left side of the main entrance opposite from the customs area and the entrance to the arrivals hall.

By car:

To the airport Rzeszow Jasionka leads the national road No. 19 from Rzeszow to Lublin. When you're in village Jasionka, turn left and after driving about 2 km you are at the airport. Otherwise you can drive on the national road No. 9 Rzeszow - Radom. When you are at the Rudna Mala, turn right and drive about 4 km and you are at the airport.

With public transportation:

The route from Rzeszow to airport is also operated by public transport buses - a special line L adapted to schedule planes.

Return information:

Arriving at the airport you should take the second alley to the left (parking gates are turned off) and then the first alley to the right. There you will find our parking places.

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Outside open hours - pick-up & return

Out of hour pickup possible.

Pick-up out of opening hours is possible for an additional charge. This service is bookable on request. Please provide your flight number, e-mail address and mobile number.

Out of hour return possible.

After opening hours please leave the vehicle key and the car documents in the key box at the counter. In order to return the navigation system please leave it hidden safely inside the vehicle's trunk.

Categories and Services

  • Compact Cars & Sedans
  • Sports cars & convertibles
  • 4x4 / SUV
  • Truck
  • 24 h return

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  • Sixt Best Price Guarantee
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